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CMAD Trustees

The Cache MAD is governed by a board of trustees. Each city council and the County Council appoints a trustee to the board for a term of 4 years. The trustees meet on the fourth Thursday of each month except for November and December. Those months, they meet on the second Thursday.

Public hearings are held to adopt each year’s budget, change the certified tax rate (if necessary), annex new areas, and for other reasons specified by the Utah Code. All public hearings are announced in the legal notices section of The Herald Journal and posted on the CMAD website and the Public Meeting Notice website.

Financial reports and budgets can be found on the State Auditor Reporting site. Select "Local and Special Service District" then "Cache Mosquito Abatement District".

The Utah Transparency Website allows you to view expenses and revenues by line item for CMAD. Select "Special Service District" as the level and "Cache Mosquito Abatement District" as the entity to see the records.